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white and gray cat looking at you, with his yellow and green eyes
A cat, just to keep the context of the website.

We're not looking at a novel by Stephenie Meyer. Add some relevant pictures to give a little bit of context, or to cheer up the reader. Do you really like to waste the power of technology that we have nowadays? Come on, you're using a web browser on a computer, you're not reading a book on a Kindle.

The website shouldn't be overfilled with pictures, but it should make the user happy while reading your nonsense words.

You see the picture of this cute cat? He's happy, and you should be too.

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The best teacher is often not an expert, but rather an intermediate learner.Ryan Ferguson
For anyone trying to discern what to do w/ their life: PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU PAY ATTENTION TOAmy Krouse Rosenthal

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